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Hi. You've reached, the internet home of Mike Quigley. This site is a portfolio of my professional work and personal projects. This home page is a portal to the domain. Actual content is developed under subdomains which currently include:

pdf - My professional resume. Password required.

blog - Talk about the Wahoo! brand of boats.

blog - My cooking blog.

blog - My gardening journal.

I will add more over time.

About this site and its organization

This site is meant to be a catalog of my professional work and personal interests. Also a place where I can play and experiment with web technologies. The plan is to grow it over time. Subdomains allow me to keep the content organized and segmented, yet bound together as a body of related material. For the couple of subdomains currently active I've used Wordpress as it's pretty good for written content. (For anyone wondering, I did not use Wordpress Multisite because of its limited subdomain support.)

About me

I am a writer of content both technical and non-technical, a web developer, GUI designer, and editor. I've also stocked shelves, delivered pizzas, washed dishes, tended bar, worked in factories and call centers, taught college English, and painted houses. Originally from the Philadelphia area, I now live in Massachusetts with my children Sarah and Ben.

I am passionate about authoring, web design, and fly fishing. When I'm not doing one of those I may be boating, gardening, cooking, or in my own small way, trying to create a little art every day.

I am the chair of the Nahant MA School Committee. I serve on the town's CATV Committee. I was a member of the body that selected Nahant's Town Administrator. I coach kids' flag football. I am a member of the Point of Pines Yacht Club where, in 2014, I was named Member of the Year.

Some of my other sites

A few other web sites I've developed:

web site (fly fishing articles and e-commerce)

web site (Point of Pines Yacht Club)

web site (fishing tackle)

web site (marina and boat dealer)

web site (school district)